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Sphinx serves oriental and international food. It is the largest chain of casual dining restaurants in Poland and one of the largest ones in Europe. The first Sphinx was opened in 1995. Today there are 100 restaurants of the brand all over Poland. They are present in shopping malls, along the main streets of cities and in popular tourist destinations. The specialty of Sphinx is a well-known Shoarma ®; however a wide offer of the restaurant chain also includes different varieties of meat with delicious and extremely popular steaks as well as fish and vegetarian dishes. There are also pizzas, pastas, salads, starters and desserts in the menu. A characteristic interior design with lamps made of original gourds and a special atmosphere are the distinctive elements of Sphinx. The original recipes, tasty dishes made of fresh products, professional waiter service and an exceptional atmosphere – all these things make Sphinx a popular place to relax and meet with a group of friends or family. Over the years the chain has gained much recognition among clients and it is often rewarded in consumer competitions. Sphinx is the most popular Polish restaurant brand.

More information on www.sphinx.pl.

Chłopskie Jadło is a restaurant chain serving Polish “home-cuisine” dishes made of fresh ingredients. The first restaurant of the brand was opened in 1995 and in 2006 the chain was bought by Sfinks Polska. Currently there are 10 Chłopskie Jadło restaurants in Poland. They can be found mostly in the city centres and popular shopping malls. The majority of Chłopskie Jadło restaurants is present in Cracow and its surroundings as well as in Warsaw. The rest is located in Poznan, Lubon and Bielsko-Biala. The interior of Chłopskie Jadło was originally designed to look like peasant huts with stoves and wooden benches decorating the place. Today warm and cosy interiors are kept in a modern folk style so that it brings to mind an old Polish home. The main theme of all restaurants is a characteristic hen. In the menu of Chłopskie Jadło there are traditional Polish dishes, however prepared in a lighter version, such as juicy meat, soups, starters or handmade dumplings. Apart from tasty food Chłopskie Jadło offers catering services for corporate and outdoor events.

More information on www.chlopskiejadlo.pl.

WOOK is a casual dining restaurant chain specializing in Asian cuisine. The first restaurant of the brand was opened in 2005. Three years later WOOK joined the Sfinks Polska company and today the chain comprises 5 restaurants located in Warsaw, Lodz, Gdansk, Wroclaw and Poznan. The offer of WOOK includes the abundance of flavours typical for different regions of Asia. There are also European dishes in the menu as well such as steaks, fish or salads – prepared in an oriental style. What distinguishes WOOK from other restaurants are interesting modern interiors kept in red and black which refer to the character and culture of the Far East. At the same time they create a comfortable environment for business meetings as well as lunch or dinner with the family and friends. The food preparing process takes place in front of the customers. While observing the culinary masters in action, clients may have an impression that they participate in a spectacle which is enhanced by the flames bursting from the frying pans.

More information on www.wook.pl