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Christmas meetings at Sphinx Restaurants

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Sphinx - a chain of restaurants run by Sfinks Polska - prepared a Christmas menu for customers who plan to organize group company meetings or a meal with friends before Christmas. As part of this offer Sphinx offers a choice of three sets in a variety of prices, consisting of traditional Christmas dishes, complemented by dishes available in the current menu. In addition, guests who attend the meeting will receive Christmas gift vouchers. The offer is available in all "urban" Sphinx and in selected restaurants in shopping centers.

“During the weeks before Christmas in Sphinx restaurants there will be a unique atmosphere created by the Christmas music and decorations. The cosy atmosphere and a great Christmas menu will give the opportunity to prepare the best pre-Christmas meetings. In the past, such events have already been organised in some restaurants, based on the current menu. This year, we decided to create a special Christmas offer typically based on Christmas Eve culinary traditions and dishes from our current menu. We believe that these proposals meet with the interests of our regular guests, and we hope that these proposals will also introduce Sphinx restaurants to those people who have not yet visited.” says Dorota Cacek, vice-president of Sfinks Poland.


Customers organising a festive group event can choose one of the three sets of dishes - at a price 60 zł, 75 zł and 100 zł per person. In each set will be snacks, soup, main dishes, desserts and drinks. In addition, all guests attending the meeting will receive a gift voucher entitling them to 25% discount at any Sphinx, WOOK or Chłopskie Jadło restaurant. For more information on the Christmas offer, a list of restaurants where it applies, and information on how to place a reservation, please visit www.sphinx.pl. Information about the offer can also be found on the leaflets available at Sphinx restaurants and on Sphinx’s official Facebook profile at http://www.facebook.com/sphinxrestauracje.

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