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Sfinks signs new contract for Central supplies

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The company Sfinks Polska, managing chains of Sphinx, WOOK and Chłopskie Jadło, has signed a cooperation agreement with Eurocash. As a result, Eurocash will be responsible for providing products to all the Sfinks restaurants. The Agreement shall be enforced, at the latest, by 1 January 2013 and will be in effect until the end of 2015. The estimated value of the contract is 98 million zł.

“Eurocash is one of Poland's largest groups involved in distribution of FMCG products, which also has extensive experience in cooperating with the HoReCa market. By signing a contract with such an experienced and reputable partner we can be sure will maintain a high level of service, as well as for the improvement of our knowledge, which should positively affect further development of the company. In accordance with supply policy adopted by us, Eurocash will supply all the restaurants of Sphinx, WOOK and Chłopskie Jadło, those managed by the company itself and those that are franchised.” says Bogdan Bruczko, Vice President of Sfinks Polska.


Service provided by Eurocash will include the purchase, transportation and sale of goods to franchised restaurants and restaurants managed by Sfinks Polska. This also covers the distribution of goods from suppliers designated by Sfinks, with which the company has a separate contract, as well as products manufactured under their own secret recipes of the company.


“Sfinks Polska will be one of our largest customers in HoReCa, which are developing well since the acquisition of Pol-Cater in 2010.  We care about the quality of the Gastronomy in Eurocash daily products, punctuality and high level of service. Through cooperation with our customers, we are guided by the principle of partnership, offering effective solutions to lower costs.” says Krzysztof Steć, CEO of Eurocash Gastronomia.